Morning coffee and your next home’s Walk Score®

Your prospective new residence or vacation cottage has everything you want in your ideal home, but what about its proximities to amenities and basic necessities around the neighborhood? Are the right coffee shops and markets and restaurants within easy walking (or biking) distance? How close is it to the area schools?

Of course you can tediously research each property and rate its access to the nearest Dunkin’ or Starbuck’s and other neighborhood resources, but there must be a better way.

There is.

Atlantic Ocean Real Estate is pleased to offer “Walk Score®” information on its NH seacoast property listings. A property’s “WalkScore” is presented as an informational map showing what local resources are within easy walking (or biking) distance from each property.

Here is a sample of a typical “WalkScore” listing:

Walk Score® Sample Map

In this example the prospective property listing has earned a “Walk Score®”  of 94 (out of 100) rating points. The higher the rating, the more accessible your nearby necessities are via walking or biking.

“Walk Score®” ratings are available for most of our property listings. Once you register (for free) you will get full access to our NH seacoast property listings along with their “Walk Score®” ratings.